Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Drop & Hook

Back at work sense I got food poison.  Got a load of eggs to swapped with a Plant City driver in Jasper Florida so go to work and had to fill out report from the ticket I got then wait on the load to get to Macon. Driver was 30 minutes late and he didn't weigh the load. Our company policy is any load over 38,000ld must be weigh. I got across the D.O.T.  scale OK and arrived at the Loves truck stop and the driver.I'm swapping with pulls in right next to me drops his trailer in two parking spots. .... yep. So I quickly hooked to it and pull it up and park it right. I go in to grab something to eat and there are six trucks parked in the no parking zone and there were 70 out of 130 parking available.  I don't understand why they don't see why drivers don't get respect out on the road.
As you can see here this driver has parked right in front of the pole that has a sign on it saying NO PARKING!!. It is pretty cut and dry. it doesn't say no parking unless you are going to eat, shop, or what ever your doing. I have learn to get respect you need to give it first. 
OK OK Ill stop the Rant now.. but driver please use common scene